[Taxacom] FW: formation of zoological names with Mc, Mac, et

dipteryx at freeler.nl dipteryx at freeler.nl
Sat Sep 5 13:02:56 CDT 2009

Van: Stephen Thorpe [mailto:s.thorpe at auckland.ac.nz]
Verzonden: za 5-9-2009 9:52
>[...] Problems are relative to what is wanted. The Code is not 
>problematic in itself, but the Code not being logically watertight 
>does pose a problem to anybody who wants to get a machine to 
>"understand" the Code. In other words, the problem is not with 
>the Code or the database, but with the marriage between the two ...

That is pretty much it. What is the purpose of the database? To me
it looks like the purpose of a database should be to gather and 
represent real data, as they exist in real world, where taxon concepts
are a reality to be kept constantly in mind (the examples on fish
by Richard Pyle not being exceptional). On the other hand, it would 
appear that there is a tendency for top-down data aggregators to want
to present simpler and 'better' data (from a split-off universe where
taxonomists would do their jobs 'properly' and where the Code would 
have been written with the data aggregators in mind).


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