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Dan Lahr daniel.lahr at gmail.com
Sun Sep 6 14:10:12 CDT 2009

>> Why is it impossible then to make the supposedly "subjective" taxonomic
>> concept objective? Why ... [can't we] make the rest of the scientists
>> understand what we are talking about?
> Probably because we don't really try. See 'Reproducibility of descriptive
> data' http://mailman.nhm.ku.edu/pipermail/taxacom/2009-August/030098.html,
> to which there was not a single response. The subject may be taboo.

Agreed, 100%, the subject is taboo. I followed that thread with lots
of interest. However I still think that is where the most intellectual
advance should be made, once we figure out (or rather agree on)
standardizing nomenclature and "databasing" methods. As soon as
nomenclature is settled that will be the challenge.


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