[Taxacom] Automated species Identification by Image Analysis

David Remsen (GBIF) dremsen at gbif.org
Mon Sep 7 00:49:08 CDT 2009


Recall my brothers work on image analysis for gross grouping of  
zooplankton into major groups.  It's not species but I suspect for  
many groups you won't get species-level diagnosis but there is  
probably a lot of potential in the higher sorting by images that he  
was doing.   I think they were getting pretty good results.


On Sep 7, 2009, at 3:55 AM, Richard Pyle wrote:

> I have been asked by a non-biologist colleague for information on  
> the use of
> automated algorithms for species identification from digital  
> images.  I
> recall several such projects (one of them was called "DAISY"), and I  
> believe
> there was some success with vein patterns in bee wings, and perhaps  
> other
> examples as well.  Does anyone have any insights on this, and  
> whether it's
> seen a a feasible technology worthy of further investment of time and
> effort? How much effort/investment has already gone into it?
> Thanks in advance...
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