[Taxacom] Translation between general formats for descriptive data

Régine Vignes Lebbe regine.vignes_lebbe at upmc.fr
Mon Sep 7 02:01:54 CDT 2009

Dear taxacomers,

I have followed the last posts regarding interactive keys with great
interest and I would like to cpmplete Mike Dallwizt's post.
Our program Xper² is designed to manage descriptive data easily and is
compatible with other formats. It offers an entire environnement
dedicated to describing and managing taxonomic data. Divided into four
modules, Xper² allows the taxonomists to either access the descriptive
environnement, the taxonomic description module, the different
management tools (i.e the checkbase function or the summary of the base)
or the free access key: Xper² creates Interactive Identification Keys.
In order to be compatible with other standards, Xper² can  export/import
from/to SDD format, export/import from/to CSV files (for example you
could import taxa/descriptors matrices you already edited with a
spreadsheet), export to Nexus format, export to HTML  format (wich
provides users with a user-friendly tool to instantly publish their
knowledge bases on-line).

We had a booth demo and a poster at the last e-biosphere conference
Xper² is free of charge and it can be downloaded at this URL:
Please feel free to test it and to contact us, we are looking for
feedbacks from our users.

Régine Vignes Lebbe

Mike Dallwitz a écrit :
> What programs are available for translating between DELTA, Nexus, and SDD 
> formats?
> Our program Confor can translate from DELTA to Nexus, and the program 
> nex2del.bat can translate Nexus to a DELTA 'items' file.
> The Lucid Translator (available at http://lucidcentral.com) provides a 
> path from DELTA to SDD via Lucid Interchange Format V2, but a lot of 
> information is unnecessarily lost because of the limitations of the 
> intermediate format.
> Also, what products can be produced from SDD, besides the interactive keys 
> and natural-language descriptions that can be produced by the Lucid Builder?

Régine Vignes Lebbe
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Université Pierre et Marie Curie-Paris6
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