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Bob Mesibov mesibov at southcom.com.au
Mon Sep 7 03:33:20 CDT 2009

Hi, Stephen.

Well, yes and no. I go to a holotype to find states for characters the original author didn't mention - and I put those states in a matrix. So holotypes also serve the structured-data folk.

What concerns me in some of the recent threads is the earnestness with which some people are hoping to replace wetware with software. My last post was prompted by Richard Pyle's request for information on automated species ID by image analysis. Um...for exactly what purposes?

It's as worrying as a botanist doing a Roger Hyam and finding a seed whose barcode shows it's a new species, so the botanist erects a Barcode Taxon for the find. Is that really enough? For exactly what purposes is it enough?
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