[Taxacom] New book on species

Hovenkamp, P. (Peter) Hovenkamp at nhn.leidenuniv.nl
Tue Sep 8 02:14:59 CDT 2009

No recent post illustrates one of the failings of these Taxacom
discussions so well as this one, in which one of the participants admits
that he has does not want to spend time in reading the relevant
literature, but wants to put forward his admittedly uninformed opinions
on their own merits. 

The exchange of uninformed opinions is a waste of bandwidth, smothers
any real discussion of relevant topics, and detracts from the potential
usefulness of a list like Taxacom.

Peter Hovenkamp
Nationaal Herbarium Nederland, Leiden branch
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> (...) I think the benefit of a "discussion group 
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> on their own merits, without having to go away and read an 
> entire book first, which we probably don't have time to do 
> anyway! I would welcome your thoughts on my words below:
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