[Taxacom] Automated species Identification by Image Analysis

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Taxacomers, For two plant-related articles on this topic see recent Taxon vol. 58(3) pp. 925-933 (C. Pandolfi et al. about Banksia morphotypes by ANN) and pp. 934-954 (D. Hearn about leaf shape analysis for automated identification).  Cheers!

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>>> "Dr. David Campbell" <amblema at bama.ua.edu> 09/08/09 1:37 PM >>>
As a participant in some non-automated species identification by image 
analysis (i.e., "Send in your photos and we'll get someone to identify 
them"), I would note that image quality is a major issue.  Scale is a 
useful bit of information often omitted by the general public.  On the 
other hand, it's usually safe to assume in that context that the organism 
in question is large by invertebrate standards.

Automated species identification by image analysis for someone with 
specimen in hand and where the identification does not depend on 
dissection or other additional processes should be fairly straightforward.  
Identification of random photos of something seen outside is rather more 
challenging for a computer.

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