[Taxacom] Chimps and humans

John Grehan jgrehan at sciencebuff.org
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Ha! That durian question would be interesting - I'll ask on a primate
list. Of course it raises the question as to whether humans originally
learned to eat the durian from orangutans or visa versa.

John Grehan

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> Quoting John Grehan <jgrehan at sciencebuff.org>:
> > The problem here is that chimpanzees and orangutans do not overlap
> > in
> > their range and so different parasite associations with humans could
> > be
> > the result of their different geography. Same applies to overlap of
> > orangutans and gibbons. Using host-parasite associations has the
> > same
> > challenges as any other systematic comparison.
> I just saw a paper (don't have reference handy) that claimed to be the
> first in-depth study of chimp malaria.  Based on their extensive
> sampling, they determined that human malaria was a recent derivative
> from within the chimp malaria, rather than a sister taxon.  Thus,
> is very likely some host switching.  Likewise, even under an orang
> (gorilla(chimp, human)) model, orang malaria would be closer to human
> than to gibbon malaria if they showed close host tracking, so probably
> malaria phylogenetics doesn't tell us much about hominid evolution.
> Certain humans and orangutans both like durians, but I don't know if
> this has been tested on African apes.
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