[Taxacom] Third International Barcode of Life Conference Update Newsletter 2 - Discounted Early Registration Extended

Schindel, David schindeld at si.edu
Thu Sep 10 14:24:11 CDT 2009

Discounts for Early Registration Extended to 18 September
Nearly 200 people from 41 countries have already registered for the Third International Barcode of Life Conference. Registration will be limited to 450 people and we expect to close registration several weeks before the conference, so don't wait until the last minute!
The organizers want to make the conference as affordable as possible, so the discount for early registration has been extended one week, through Friday, 18 September.
Registration fee entitles you to attend all sessions, provides you with lunches and coffee breaks during the meetings, bus transportation from the two conference hotels to the pre-Conference workshops at UNAM and the conference venue at the Mexican Academy of Sciences, and tickets to the opening reception and the closing banquet.  The schedule of registration fees is:
                US$200.00 until 18 September 2009
                US$250.00 until 30 October 2009
                US$300.00 on-site registration (if available)
Delegates from developing countries:
US$125.00 until 18 September 2009
                US$150.00 until 30 October 2009
                US$175.00 on-site registration (if available)
US$75.00 until 18 September 2009
                US$100.00 until 30 October 2009
                US$100.00 on-site registration (if available)

The Conference Program
We hope you're ready for three very full days of scientific discussions!  The main conference will have plenary sessions in the morning<http://www.dnabarcodes2009.org/program1b.html#tue>, parallel technical sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, and a Meso-American Symposium on Thursday afternoon.  The technical sessions will include presentations of submitted abstracts and time for discussions of future activities.  The topics of the technical sessions will be:
Plant Working Group
Insects/Terrestrial Arthropods
Barcoding Species for Quarantine/Plant Protection
Marine Species
Data Analysis Working Group
All Birds Barcoding Initiative and Vertebrates
Barcoding Pathogens, Vectors and Parasites
Barcoding Fungi, Algae, Protists and new groups
Barcoding the Trees of Africa

Pre-Conference Activities
The Conference organizers have planned three days of workshops and short-courses<http://www.dnabarcodes2009.org/program1.html> related to DNA barcoding for Saturday to Monday, 7-9 November 2009.  All the recipients of travel bursaries are urged to attend, and anyone registered for the conference is welcome.  Please consult the conference website<http://www.dnabarcodes2009.org/> as we add information on these pre-conference activities:
*         Workshop on planning barcoding projects and writing proposals for funding (organized by CBOL, UNAM, iBOL and CBD/GTI)
*         Short course on laboratory protocols for barcoding (organized by CBOL, UNAM and iBOL)
*         Short course on data management and BOLD (Barcode of Life Data System)
*         Workshops for plant barcoding, TreeBOL, and GrassBOL (organized by CBOL and UNAM)
*         Workshop on barcoding invasive species (organized by CONABIO)
*         Meeting of Data Analysis Working Group (organized by CBOL)
*         Workshop on DNA barcoding in Developing Countries (organized by IDRC, Canada)

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