[Taxacom] Put a limit on number of submissions

Peter Rauch peterr at berkeley.edu
Wed Sep 16 20:48:06 CDT 2009


Auto-limits are not available for this listserver.

How about setting every subscription to "moderate", and we have a volunteer list moderator who approves / rejects with explanation to author all submissions ? (Volunteers have to be willing to moderate at least 18 hours daily, seven days / week, with no more than a 2-hour delay from receipt of the submission to the approval or rejection action, and would have to commit to a one-year stint as moderator.)

Or, how about setting all postings to "anonymous" so that only a subscriber's ideas are evaluated, and not the persona who submitted the idea ?

Or, how about each subscriber using his / her own email filtering capabilities to waylay unwelcome posters and/or topics at their own personal inbox ?


At 17:14 09/09/16, you wrote:
>Would it be possible to set a limit on number of submission to TAXACOM one
>subscriber can post per one day? What about one dozen? Let's call it the
>Thorpe Line.
>Adolf Ceska, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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