[Taxacom] Put a limit on number of submissions

Stephen Thorpe s.thorpe at auckland.ac.nz
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>and until recently this was not missed
Luv u 2 Paul! :)

By the way, an interestingly aberrant case of a published name is in this publication: 

Crosby, T.K.; Larochelle, A. 1994: List of the Coleoptera genera in the New Zealand Arthropod Collection (NZAC). Weta, 17(2): 44-69.

where the authors just compiled a list of genera by looking at what was written in pencil on the outside of wooden store boxes (with lids that come off completely - see later). Not only did this lead to lots of unpublished generic names being listed, plus lots of non-New Zealand genera also being listed as if from New Zealand, but there is the curious mention of a genus name Camiarina in Leiodidae. There is no such name, but there is a subfamily Camiarinae, and when I looked at the box, the 'e' at the end was on the lid, leaving Camiarina on the box itself!!!

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> Adolf,

> Auto-limits are not available for this listserver.

On a historical note, there used to be limit of 25 posts per day
(total) and (IIRC) of 3 per person per day. A few years ago this
was abandoned, and until recently this was not missed.


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