[Taxacom] Put a limit on number of submissions

Pierre Deleporte pierre.deleporte at univ-rennes1.fr
Thu Sep 17 05:24:16 CDT 2009

for me, 3 messages per person per day was really "the good old times" on 

first of all helping me to limit myself for number of posts, and to 
control myself for quality of content -
it also saved significant reading / deleting time -
letting a question at rest for a night before writing a comment (or 
not...) may be the good thing to do in many cases

one could also take time to read some relevant literature, in some cases 
to begin with introductory courses, when a semantic / conceptual 
question  is at stake

note that 3-per-person could turn to be 1-per-topic per day when one is 
engaged in 3 discussion threads simultaneously...
imagine this new world!

if no auto-limit is possible, could such a "rule of 3" be suggested by 
the list owners to all contributors, as a self-control practice on a 
voluntary basis, in order to improve the lisibility of the list for our 
collective benefit?
too much wild chat kills the chat... except for people immoderately 
enjoying to read their own words again and again, as Ken suggested in 
other terms...
(Ken, I think you made tremendous progress in this respect along the 
years !   :-)   )
OK, this very post is turning wordy...


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