[Taxacom] Put a limit on number of submissions

Peter Rauch peterr at berkeley.edu
Thu Sep 17 10:12:00 CDT 2009


You are correct about the former Taxacom daily posting limits. Taxacom was served up on LISTSERV --a very feature-rich listserver-- for many years, until the license became too expensive.

At that point, we had to switch to a less costly (free) listserver --Mailman. Mailman is not feature-rich, and in particular does not have daily list-wide or by-poster limits, as LISTSERV had.

So, at this moment in time, peer pressure is the principal mechanism for setting Taxacom subscriber expectations -- expressed both directly to the perceived transgressor and/or openly to the entire Taxacom list (but courteously, respectfully, please ! ).

If the peer pressure is sufficiently large (operationally undefined, but on a list of well over 1500 subscribers, "large" is not "several"), and the transgressor does not respond appropriately (undefined), it is possible of course that the Taxacom list owners can take further action to remedy the situation, such as preventing postings from the transgressor (or moderating that poster's submission, although this alternative is not likely --we're all busy doing things we like to do).


At 01:34 09/09/17, you wrote:
>Van: taxacom-bounces at mailman.nhm.ku.edu namens Peter Rauch
>Verzonden: do 17-9-2009 3:48
>> Adolf, 
>> Auto-limits are not available for this listserver.
>On a historical note, there used to be limit of 25 posts per day 
>(total) and (IIRC) of 3 per person per day. A few years ago this
>was abandoned, and until recently this was not missed.

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