[Taxacom] Californian plants-help in identification

Curtis Clark jcclark-lists at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 20 10:22:33 CDT 2009

On 2009-09-19 15:11, singhg . wrote:
> Dear members
> On my last visit to California, I had photographed plants, many of which
> have gone into the 3rd edition of my book 'Plant Systematics- an integrated
> approac' published by Science Publishers, USA, due for release this month. A
> few I could not identify are uploaded. Kindly help in their identification.

Some metadata would be nice.

DSC01663	Sambucus sp.
DSC01931	Chilopsis linearis
DSC02144	Gindelia sp.
DSC02151	Carpobrotus?
DSC02213	Umbellularia californica?
DSC02490	Umbellularia californica
DSC04681	almost looks like Alyogyne (cultivated, not native)

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