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Hi Geoff, all,

My own "c-squares mapper" does something similar but requires the input as one or multiple c-squares codes (global grid squares), see examples at (e.g.) http://www.cmar.csiro.au/csquares/about-mapper.htm and http://www.marine.csiro.au/csquares/mapper-tests.htm . I could add an option to supply lat-lon(s) instead of c-square code(s) without much trouble if needed. The base maps tend to be continent / ocean basin / large country scale, though, not as detailed as Google maps by any means. Still it is an efficient way to plot quite large quantities of data, though I have not compared it recently with Google Earth etc. for relative performance... You can specify small as well as large squares, the smaller they get, the closer they are to approximating a data point.

I use this in my agency for lots of web browser calls of the type you mention; it is also used currently for all OBIS and AquaMaps plotting as well (see www.iobis.org/, www.aquamaps.org/ ). However there are no doubt other options too.

Regards - Tony

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Hi all,

GeoLocator is a handy web tool which I discovered can be used for locating
a  collection station lat/long (its designed purpose is to give geotagging
info). It produces a nice Google Maps window and is clever enough to clean
punctuation rubbish out of the string pasted in and to recognize different

Does anyone know of a similar public web mapping tool that will open up a
map if the lat long is submitted as part of the URL.  The aim being to
automate a call to the browser from a database on my pc.




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