[Taxacom] P.H.Timberlade and Perdita (hmen-andrenidae)

Stuart Fullerton stuartf at pegasus.cc.ucf.edu
Wed Sep 23 06:04:53 CDT 2009

> good morning gentle folks:
> many many years ago, about 1977-8     dr timberlake,  at the 
> collection of the university of california, riverside   had occasion 
> to send me many many samples of identified Perdita 
> (hymenoptera-andrenidae). like many many unfinished things in my life 
> they sat and sat. at long last i am working them into the collection 
> of the UCFC here in the bug closet, and also into the UCFC individual 
> specimen data base.
> dr. timberlake had handwriting that is worse than mine and while i 
> have been able to decipher many of the labels  there are unfortunately 
> many that i can not. after a lot of work, and the help of a volunteer, 
> i have managed to get at least three photos (head, lateral, and 
> dorsal) of each specimen and all the original labels (four of them per 
> specimen)  copied with the auto montage.  this way at least the labels 
> are protected and they are beginning to age a bit.  also it may make 
> it easier for someone to be able to help me with the making possible 
> data capture and species identification for the data base.
> if there is anyone out there, who is still able to read the timberlake 
> handwriting, or would like to take a crack at it,  i desperately need 
> your help.   the photo files for each  by the nature of the auto 
> montage are rather lengthy and i am not attaching any at this time. 
> but will be glad to send a sample of them on to you direct if you are 
> interested in helping.
> rather than tying up the list servers, please contact me direct.
> thank you very very much --- in advance.
> cheers and welcome to autumn!
> rof

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