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Packham apologized for upsetting people, but not for the suggestion.
Interesting that there was a commentary recently on US public radio to
the effect that people obscure the fact that they are not apologizing by
apologizing for the upset.


John Grehan


Let the Panda Die Out, Naturalist Says(Sept. 23) - Gentle, slow-moving
and cuddly, the giant panda attracts millions of visitors to zoos across
the globe. In its native Chinese habitat, however, the species has a
population estimated at just 1,590. 

Addressing the fate of the giant panda, BBC television host and noted
zoologist Chris Packham made controversial remarks in an interview with
the U.K.'s Radio Times, The Times Online

"'Here is a species that, of its own accord, has gone down an
evolutionary cul-du-sac. It's not a strong species,' he said.
'Unfortunately, it's big and cute and a symbol of the World Wide Fund
for Nature and we pour millions of pounds into our panda conservation. I
reckon we should pull the plug. Let them go, with a degree of dignity.'"



Hours after making his comments on the giant panda, Packham was
interviewed by the British newspaper the Mirror
693846/> , and offered the following apology. 

"I really upturned the apple cart with what I said and I'm sorry I upset
people. But I am glad it has raised a debate and that was always my
intention. I don't hate pandas, I love cuddly animals. I love all




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