[Taxacom] Lang 1944 vs. Lang 1948 for some copepod genera

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Dear all,

Rony Huys from the NHM in London kindly sent me a response to this request which I had sent him separately, pointing me to 2 recent papers of relevance, by Wells and himself, respectively, i.e. www.mapress.com/zootaxa/2007f/z01568p872f.pdf and www.mapress.com/zootaxa/2009/f/z02183p099f.pdf (excerpts only available on open access, the full text to subscribers of Zootaxa). From these papers and his email response it appears that indeed, many (but not all) of the copepod genera mentioned are available from the Lang, 1944 publication and attribution to Lang, 1948 is erroneous in those cases, the citing works having overlooked the first publication, while for a smaller number, the names in the 1944 work are nomina nuda (no type species being designated) and were not validly published until 1948 or in some cases, even later and by others. In addition he points out that "Oligoarthra" (as cited in Nomenclator Zoologicus) is not a genus name but denotes one of the two divisions in the Harpacticoida (the other one being the Polyarthra) - which I probably should have picked up - as well as commenting helpfully on which names are accepted and which are now considered synonyms of other names.

Thanks to those who replied and to the authors of the works cited above.

Regards - Tony

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Lang, 1944, Monographie der Harpacticiden (Vorläufige
Mitteilung). [Uppsala], 39 pp.

This is a rare but obviously published work, I found it only in 
Sweden (LIBRIS) and in Natural History Museum London.

It is necessary to consult this 1944 work to determine the correct 
year of publication. Also the identity of the type species of those 
genera will depend on the 1944 paper. I would only rely on secondary 
sources if I was sure that the author had consulted the 1944 work.


University of Goettingen, Germany


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