[Taxacom] globalnames?

dipteryx at freeler.nl dipteryx at freeler.nl
Mon Sep 28 03:42:30 CDT 2009

Van: taxacom-bounces at mailman.nhm.ku.edu namens Jim Croft
Verzonden: ma 28-9-2009 10:13

> [...] Until you define it.  Referring to a publication, 
> not necessarily the protologue, is one way to define it. 
> Citing a list of included/excluded synonyms is another way.  
> Offering a comprehensive (or even diagnostic) description is 
> another, as is listing a bunch of discriminating attributes.  
> And offering a list of specimens you chose to include as part 
> of the concept is yet another.

> As soon as you utter or write these down, in isolation or 
> in combination, the concept can be anchored, discussed and 
> challenged. [...]

Yes, each use of a name should be anchored. As we are talking
about providing clarity to non-taxonomists, I am wary of links 
to the literature as the means of anchoring, because:
1) the non-taxonomist may have a hard time understanding
   taxonomic literature.
2) sometimes the relevant literature is out of date (after all 
   we are living in a time of continuously updated databases).


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