[Taxacom] DIVA error messages

Martin Wiemers martin.wiemers at univie.ac.at
Wed Sep 30 05:02:58 CDT 2009

Dear all,
I am trying to do a biogeographical analysis with DIVA
(http://www.ebc.uu.se/systzoo/research/diva/diva.html) on a Windows-PC.
Unfortunately the programme always returns the error message "error - no
tree specified" after successfully reading the tree and the distribution. 
I have formatted the data file in the same way as the sample file HOLGEN.TXT
(which works!) and the number of taxa (156) and areas=characters (15) is
within the allowed limits (180 and 15 respectively).

I have also tried two other file formats (like in the sample files DIPSA.TXT
and TRANSP.TXT), but with these the programme returns the error message
"error - too many characters in input".

Has anybody come across these error messages or has an idea what could be
the problem?

Thank you very much for your help!

Best wishes,


Attached is the list of DIVA messages for the three file formats:

HOLGEN.TXT format:
test1.txt opened as proc file
test tree read successfully
distribution read successfully
error - no tree specified

DIPSA.TXT format:
test2.txt opened as proc file
test tree read successfully
error - too many characters in input

TRANSP.TXT format:
test3.txt opened as proc file
error - too many characters in input
The file TEST1.TXT looks as follows (without line ends in the tree and
distribution blocks):
tree test

distribution abcl degh h m e defg d efghi gh gh gh g d g gh j j egh gh f
cdgk cdgk gh j ghj j d j j f j d g ghj ghj d j g f gh hj efgh efgh gh d e f
j defgh m gh g j j h j f ef g efgh g efgh j h d g d g h eghj eghj gh efg efg
m j g j g defghklm defghklm defghklm g f hj f h e g j f h gh j h d efgh h j
bcln o cdefghijklmn defgh bcdeghklm bcdeghklm d eghi g o bcdefghijklmno
defghijkmo bcdefghjklmn bcdefghjklmn cdefghijklm defghim defghijkmno cdgklm
abcdefghjklm d cdefghj cdefghj d cd dgh ef f cdefghj j cdeghj j h defghijkm
bcdefghjlmn j bcdefghijklmn bcdefghijklmn d d efgh cdefgh cdefgh cdg d j
bcdefghijklmn bcdefghijklmn i b d gh cdefghklm cdefghklm do eghj;



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