[Taxacom] Whooping crane migration record

Kenneth Kinman kennethkinman at webtv.net
Thu Apr 1 21:58:38 CDT 2010

Dear All,
       This morning there were a record 76 whooping cranes at Quivira
National Wildlife Refuge in central Kansas (which is about 30% of the
entire main Aransas flock arriving at about the same time).  However,
with strong favorable south winds, they were all gone by afternoon.
This record concentration of migrating whooping cranes in a small area
was so brief that few birders within driving distance made it there to
see this spectacle.             
       This actually happened (not an April Fool's Joke), but as is
typical of spring migration, the cranes were in a huge hurry to proceed
northward as the best nesting sites in Canada are at stake (like
homesteaders looking for the best land in the Land Rushes of the 19th
Century).  Even with the internet, this rare event happened so fast,
that relatively few birders were able to drive there to witness it in
person.  The record was set and then they were gone, fleeting and rare,
like trying to detect a rare quasar exploding within the Milky Way
          ---------Ken Kinman

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