[Taxacom] Updated Dipsacales classification (alternative)

Kenneth Kinman kennethkinman at webtv.net
Sun Apr 4 21:31:30 CDT 2010

Dear All,
      Here is a modified (alternative) classification which reflects how
I now see an Order Paracryphiales as likely paraphyletic (Quintiniaceae
as closer to "core Dipsacales" than either Paracryphiaceae or
Sphenostemonaceae).  Whether this best fits with all the genetic and
morphological data (in toto) remains to be seen: 

    1  Paracryphiaceae 
    B  Sphenostemonaceae 
    2  Quintiniaceae
    3  Viburnaceae 
    B  Sambucaceae 
    C  Adoxaceae 
    4  Diervillaceae 
    5  Caprifoliaceae 
    6  Linnaeaceae 
    7  Morinaceae 
    8  Dipsacaceae 
    9  Valerianaceae   

                  --------Ken Kinman 

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