[Taxacom] Fish nomenclature question

Lynn Raw lynn at afriherp.org
Tue Apr 6 14:25:20 CDT 2010

In the latest issue of The Scientist (Volume 24, Issue 4, Page 27) there is an article about how the common European Skate Dipturus batis (Linnaeus, 1758) has now been found to comprise two separate species, D. intermedia  Iglesias, 2009 and D. flossada Iglesias, 2009. Could someone explain why one of these two species is not named D. batis. This would make sense if D. batis was found to include the other two species making a total of three species but only two species are mentioned in the article.

Thank you and apologies to anyone upset by the cross-posting but the two lists have different memberships and interests.

Lynn Raw
London, UK

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