[Taxacom] Re; Research Assistant ? Solanaceae DNA Taxonomy

Bob Mesibov mesibov at southcom.com.au
Tue Apr 6 17:40:44 CDT 2010

Dear Edward,

It is disappointing to see this:

"It is advisable that candidates prepare their answers to the questions in word document which can be transferred into the online application form at www.nhm.ac.uk/jobs"

if by 'word' you meant 'Microsoft Word'. The latter is a proprietary program sold and licensed by Microsoft, and I am surprised to see the NHM advising its use, when there are perfectly good cost-free alternatives available with non-restrictive licences.

It would be even more surprising if the online application form advised attaching a Word document, rather than pasting ASCII text into an online form, or attaching a document in a non-restrictive format such as PDF or Open Document.

I'm sure that NHM allows its staff to use non-Microsoft software, and it would be good to see that liberality reflected in NHM's job advertisements.
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