[Taxacom] Drosophila melanogaster name change?

Geoff Read gread at actrix.gen.nz
Thu Apr 8 16:01:41 CDT 2010

And why not one with a subject header ...

If there's anything on the new presentation iczn website on how to
actually get this (or any other) opinion electronically so as to read
beyond the abstract unfortunately I couldn't see it. Maybe it was a
difficulty with the new black print on a grey background and my aging
eyes. BZN print is taken by very few libraries. The old site said
prominently that copies can be obtained free by the rather outdated
process of asking a human for it.

Since this case is thought so newsworthy perhaps the opinion should be
online? Is it?


>>> On 9/04/2010 at 6:48 a.m., Ellinor Michel <e.michel at nhm.ac.uk> wrote:
> News on Names!

> With more information, publicity, and commentary:
> ICZN News page:
> <http://iczn.org/content/drosophila‑melanogaster‑opinion‑issued‑case‑3407>

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