[Taxacom] Drosophila melanogaster name change?

Thomas Pape TPape at snm.ku.dk
Thu Apr 15 15:06:00 CDT 2010

>>> 1. Most people who reference scientific names are not familiar with
the reality or the reasoning of name changes ...
But name changes may nevertheless be a result of newly acquired

>>> 2. There is no one authoritative place to look up such information. 
Many of us work hard to establish such places, but lack of funding (and
to some extent even recognition) remains the major problem.

>>> 3. Until such solutions are in place there is no practical way for
someone to stay up to date and names change anytime and anywhere.
And it has been like that for 250 years. At least we now have the tools
for more cost-efficiently implementing the solutions.

>>> 4. [...] What's the average neurobiologist who uses this species to
study Alzheimer's supposed to do when they publish their next paper?
It is always - and has always been - a good precaution to cite the
nomenclatural authority (catalogue, revision, etc.) one relies on,
deposit vouchers, or in any other way ensure that the identity of a
taxonomic taxon can be vetted.

/Thomas Pape  ---- Natural History Museum of Denmark

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