[Taxacom] Drosophila melanogaster name change?

Neal Evenhuis neale at bishopmuseum.org
Thu Apr 15 18:47:32 CDT 2010

At 2:11 PM -1000 4/15/10, Francisco Welter-Schultes wrote:
>I cannot say which is the "highest studied" organism, but I did a
>quick research in Google for the most frequently mentioned organisms.
>Homo sapiens		25.100.000
>Escherichia coli 	8.350.000
>Mus musculus		4.110.000
>Caenorhabditis elegans	1.720.000
>Saccharomyces cerevisiae 2.710.000
>Trypanosoma brucei	2.570.000
>Arabidopsis thaliana 	2.000.000
>Oryza sativa		1.720.000
>Drosophila melanogaster 1.550.000
>Zea mays		1.550.000
>Tyrannosaurus rex	  985.000
>Rattus norvegicus	939.000
>Bos taurus		913.000
>Xenopus laevis		884.000
>Aedes aegypti		826.000
>Plasmodium falciparum	819.000
>I did not find any other name above 600.000.
>Drosophila melanogaster ranks at number 9.


I'd be interested in your search protocol as I believe you just 
"thought" of a name that would rank high and searched. As such it is 
a flawed method for getting the "true" most frequently mentioned 
organisms. One would need a database of *all* genus-species 
combinations and run it against all the Google pages to come up with 
a more complete listing.

Anyway, I had some fun with this did the same "think of a good name" 
method and found the following (above 600,000) that were missed 
(thus: no doubt there are obviously more).

Bacillus subtilis         1,680.000
Streptococcus pneumoniae  1.110.000
Canis familiaris          872.000
Homo erectus              868.000
Apis mellifera            851.000
Bacillus cereus           605.000

Drosophila melangoaster now drops to 10th.

BTW: my search on Homo sapiens found 26,300.000 hits, so in just that 
short amount of time between your search and my search, 1.2 million 
more pages were added to the web with the string "Homo sapiens"!


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