[Taxacom] Drosophila melanogaster name change?

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The question of homonyms depends on which Code you are looking at. In  
checking up on the topic of "independance" in the current zoological  
code (article 1.4, recommendation 1A) it would also appear that the  
zoological code tries to avoid the use of "identical names". However,  
the Bacteriological Code goes beyond the "Approved Lists" (published  
1980) and we have names that are (Bacteriological) Code compliant  
published post 1980. The Bacteriological Code is also not independant  
of other Codes.

I didn't actually specifically mention page priority, just that the  
two names were in the same publication, with one name appearing on an  
earlier page. The rest you added "between the lines". Post 1976 things  
are also different under the Bacteriological Code.


Quoting Doug Yanega <dyanega at ucr.edu>:

> Brian Tindall wrote:
>> In looking at the top hits I can only comment:
>> 1) that the prokaryote genus name Bacillus is a known homonym of an
>> insect name.
> These are pseudo-homonyms, as they are governed by different
> Nomenclatural Codes. There is no conflict.
>> 3) The genus Escherichia overlaps with the genus Shigella (Shigella
>> dysenteriae causes dysentery) and the two should be unified. Both
>> names were originally published in the same book and the genus name
>> Shigella appears on an earlier page in that book.
> I may be reading between the lines, but it sounds like you may
> believe that there is such a thing as "page priority". There is not,
> at least not in the Zoological Code. The first reviser chooses which
> of two (or more) simultaneously-published names is to be used as
> valid, and they are - and always have been - free to choose the name
> that appears last. "Page priority" is one of the most prevalent
> "urban legends" surrounding the Code. I doubt it is any different for
> prokaryotes.
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