[Taxacom] Family Chilodontidae - unresolved homonym in Characiformes and Gastropoda?

Doug Yanega dyanega at ucr.edu
Thu Apr 22 10:55:39 CDT 2010

>Dear Taxacomers, Bill,
>I have just recently encountered apparent homonymy between the 
>family Chilodontidae Wenz, 1938 in Gastropoda and the same family 
>name in fishes (Characiformes), for which I do not currently know 
>the author and year.

It took a long time before the mollusc name (Chilodon) was given a 
family rank, then, since it dates to 1831. The fish name Chilodus 
dates to 1844, and I'd be utterly amazed if it was never used at 
family rank prior to 1938. Definitely sounds like something for the 
Commission, and I expect the mollusc name will need to be altered.


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