[Taxacom] Looking for E.C. Reed's Coleoptera types

Kipling (Kip) Will kipwill at berkeley.edu
Thu Apr 22 23:45:33 CDT 2010

Does anyone know where E[dward?].C. Reed's beetle types are deposited?

Specifically, I am looking for the type of Percus alienus E.C. 
Reed,1874:60 (Carabidae), from Chile.

Given the convoluted history of this group, it may currently be in a 
collection under any of these genera: Pterostichus, Platysma, Feronia, 
Parhypates, Chaetauchenium or Antarctobium. Most likely it is placed as 
a synonym of convexipennis Fairmaire.

According to Reed, the two specimens in the type series were collected 
"by the late Dr. Krause at Corral, in Valdivia."

So, does anyone know where E.C. Reed's beetle types are, or perhaps 
where Krause's collection would be? I thought MCZ, but none of Reed's 
Coleoptera types are there.


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