[Taxacom] Chilodontidae - unresolved homonym

Dr. David Campbell amblema at bama.ua.edu
Tue Apr 27 17:08:02 CDT 2010

Actually, this is the sequence (mostly from Nomenclator Zoologicus for 

Chilodon Ehrenberg 1831 Gastropoda
Chilodon Ehrenberg 1834 Ciliata-invalid genus-junior homonym
Chilodus Mueller & Troschel 1844 Teleosts -different name, same stem
Chilodus Giebel 1848 Elasmobranchs-invalid genus-junior homonym
Chilodonta Etallon, 1859 Gastropoda-different name, same stem

Chilodidae (Teleosts)-incorrect spelling, automatically corrected to 
Chilodontidae-valid family in teleosts
Chilodontidae (Gastropoda)-invalid family-junior homonym at the family 
level.  To be referred to the Commission, just as any other case of 
identical stems from different genus names that are in use for family-
level names.  

A similar case came from Clione (snail) and Cliona (sponge).

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