[Taxacom] Words

John Steel john.steel at botany.otago.ac.nz
Tue Dec 21 16:15:40 CST 2010

Maybe someone can come up with an answer to this enquirer's question.  The
best I could do was anthesis, but it doesn't really fit the bill: maybe
there's a suitable term in a language other than English?
"What is the term that describes the action or process of a bud becoming a
blossom in a flower, any flower. I want to know what the term is that
describes the moment a bud transforms/opens into a flower.  Was trying to
come up with the botanical word that evokes the
potency/expectation/potential/showiness of that moment when the transition
Maybe symbolic for the approaching new year for which I offer my best wishes
to all of you who have entertained and informed over this one.
 John Steel.

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