[Taxacom] Plagiarism & Public Domain

Richard Pyle deepreef at bishopmuseum.org
Wed Dec 1 03:10:05 CST 2010

> I do not see that it is possible to casually refer to "the way that
botanists do
> it". 

I agree.  I was responding with specific reference to the phrase used by

> In botany a great number of styles exist, depending on who, when and
> where you are. 

Yes; exactly the same as for Zoology.  But I was referring specifically to
what I interpreted Chris' comment to be in reference to; which I am quite
certain was the authorship of the nomenclatural combination, as is standard
practice for most modern botanists.

> There is not a lot in the ICBN on including years in an author citation.

Yes, but as my friends who understand the botanical Code very well tell me,
it is typically not common practice amongst modern botanists to include the
year within the authorship citation of names.


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