[Taxacom] Inappropriate accuracy of locality data

Patrick Alexander paalexan at nmsu.edu
Sat Dec 4 23:12:14 CST 2010

Bob Mesibov wrote:
> Hi, Patrick.
> "A quick check reveals that among current eTrex models, Garmin is in all cases giving accuracy as either "GPS Accuracy: <10 meters (33 ft) RMS" or "GPS: <10 meters (33 feet) 95% typical", or, in more straightforward language, "usually less than 10 m"."
> Please don't quote selectively. <10 m, 95% typical applies 'with DGPS corrections' (eTrex H manual), which very few fieldworkers can apply. 

Seriously?  Page 27 of the eTrex H manual:

"GPS Accuracy: <10 meters (33 ft) RMS" and, next column, "DGPS (WAAS) 
Accuracy: 3 meters (10 ft) 95% typical with DGPS corrections".

If anyone else is sufficiently curious, you can download the manual here:


In any case, this has gotten sufficiently silly that I think I'll duck out.

Patrick Alexander

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