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I don't think anything (any more) about paraphyletic species. This is a phylogenetic term for names that do not organize "right" on a cladogram. I think about progenitor-descendant species, and reject "paraphyly" as just another pattern-oriented term.
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On 12/13/2010 11:14 AM, Richard Zander wrote:
> On paraphyly, suppose
> a = polar bear
> b = brown bear molecular strain 1
> c = brown bear molecular strain 2
> A strict cladist would say "((a,b)c) . . .
> A loose cladist would say (but not in print) ((a)b)c...
> An evolutionary systematist would say "the polar bear line apparently budded off one of the brown bear lineages."
An evolutionary cladist would say "Species are the smallest units of
phylogeny, and anybody who thinks paraphyletic species justify
paraphyletic higher taxa is a dogmatist."

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