[Taxacom] Quick question re formation of a family-group name

Geoff Read gread at actrix.gen.nz
Tue Dec 21 21:22:06 CST 2010


The magic bullet? After a day of debate? Could we agree that probably it
is don't waste your time on such code fluff?

Have a system that accommodates both versions and cross references them.
Wait for someone to tell you if you've got anything wrong & why. Move on

We have a couple of busybody-initiated 'improved endings' families with
extra syllables in the polychaetes. Prevailing usage has adopted them
sometime before I was on the scene, but still those less cool than the
rest of us will use the passe short versions.


Tony Rees wrote:

"Suggestions, authoritative or not would be welcome as to which name would
be more appropriate to follow at this time - at present my preference
would be for the longer form since that appears to be used in arguably
more authoritative sources, but I am open to other evidence. For example
in Zoological Record, a search on "Pericelidae" yields one hit only, but
Pericelididae yields none...   Pericelidae has 13 hits on Google scholar,
Pericelididae has 3.

Does anyone have a magic bullet here, maybe?

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