[Taxacom] "Natural" groups

Erast Parmasto erast.parmasto at emu.ee
Wed Dec 22 15:31:02 CST 2010

I am surprised nobody has mentioned S.L. Gilmour´s natural taxa,
natural classification &c. here. It was very _in_ about 1936-1956 as a
rather obscure term related to phenetics. - The word _natural_ has been
used in taxonomy and phylogenetic studies in so many different meanings
(frequently without any real meaning, too), that the best thing to do is
to avoid it.
     Erast Parmasto
     Tartu University, Estonia
K, 22. detsember, 21:16, Richard Zander kirjutas:
> Yes, "natural groups" is a ancient term, but with advent of incorporating
> evolution into classification, it has gained a more specialized meaning.
> > >

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