[Taxacom] Validation of Stephanoscyphus mirabilis

Stephen Thorpe stephen_thorpe at yahoo.co.nz
Mon Dec 27 17:31:34 CST 2010

I'm not sure about this, Jim!

Firstly, and annoyingly, Gardeners' Chronicle (n.s.) 2 (1874) is the only issue 
missing from BHL!

Quite what a new jellyfish is doing in Gardeners' Chronicle is beyond my 

At any rate, according to my data:

the name dates from 30 July 1874, in the journal Nature ...


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Subject: [Taxacom] Validation of Stephanoscyphus mirabilis

Re: Stephanoscyphus mirabilis Allman, Gard. Chron., n.s., 2: 786. 19 Dec 1874.

While working on the nomenclature of plants I came across the above in a report 
of a Linnean Society meeting where the above name was validated before it 
appeared in the journal in early 1875. As the Gardeners' Chronicle might not be 
a normal source of names for animals, I call attention to this to the attention 
of zoologists.

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