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Subject: M.S. Assistantship on ants

Please post and distribute to qualified students.  Thanks!

Graduate Research Assistantship (M.S.)
in Ant (Formicidae) Biodiversity and Natural History:
Meierhenry Fellowship
at South Dakota State University

Availability:   April 2011

Position:  Graduate Research Assistantship (0.49 FTE), leading to a thesis-based M.S. degree.

Location:  Severin-McDaniel Insect Research Collection, Plant Science Department, South Dakota State University, Brookings, South Dakota

Qualifications: B.S. (or equivalent) in Entomology, Zoology, Biology, or closely related discipline.  Applicants must meet academic requirements of, and acceptance by, the SDSU Graduate School (http://www3.sdstate.edu/graduate/index.cfm) and the Plant Science Department (http://www.sdstate.edu/ps/).  A background in zoological taxonomy or biology is desired; entomology is preferred.  The selected person will be expected to work independently, collaboratively, and with a diversity of people in the field, the lab, the public, and particularly with the fellowship provider.

Description: The Meierhenry Fellowship is a new annual gift established by a private citizen to support studies focused on developing taxonomic and natural history knowledge and resources on the ant (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) species of South Dakota and the northern Great Plains.  Specific performance expectations on this position are:  provide a curatorial modernization of ca. 35 drawers of ants in the Severin-McDaniel Insect Research Collection (http://www.sdstate.edu/ps/Severin-McDaniel/); update and annotate a catalog of the ants of South Dakota; compile a bibliography on the ants of South Dakota with relevant general literature on ant natural history; assist the fellowship provider in the production of a book on ants directed at young readers; and successful completion of a thesis and intended academic degree in a timely and efficient manner with normal expectations.  Opportunities for fieldwork are expected to enhance the ant collection and faunal knowledge, or natural history studies on selected ant species in the state. Additional expectations include maintaining academic proficiency, prepare scientific publications and posters, or conduct other public outreach (e.g., project promotion in mass media & webpages) on ant natural history studies and issues; and other duties as determined in general support of the Severin-McDaniel Insect Research Collection.  A broad interest in natural history of the northern plains environment will be most beneficial.   Continuity of fellowship is based on satisfactory research and academic progress, and effective collaboration with provider.

Stipend and Tuition:  Current Plant Science Dept. stipend rate for a M.S. candidate is currently $16,700 per annum.  Graduate research assistants receive a two-thirds tuition remission.

Application:  Applications will be accepted through 18 February 2011.  Interested persons must submit the following information electronically as PDF files:  1) an introductory two page letter describing entomological or natural history interests, relevant experiences and qualifications, and professional goals; 2) copies of college or university transcripts (unofficial are satisfactory); and 3) names and contact information for 3-5 persons that can be academic or professional references.  International applicants must also submit as needed a current and valid TOEFL score, or indicate an ability and intent to take the examination prior to hiring. Application reviews will be conducted in collaboration with the fellowship provider.  Each document should be sent to:

Dr. Paul J. Johnson
Insect Research Collection, Box 2207A, South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD  57007; paul.johnson at sdstate.edu

Inquiries should be sent to the above person.  A separate applicant to the SDSU Graduate School is necessary; see http://www3.sdstate.edu/graduate/index.cfm

South Dakota State University is committed to affirmative action, equal opportunity and diversity of its faculty, staff and students.  Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.  Arrangements for accommodations required by disabilities can be made at 605/688-4504 (TTY 605/688-4394).

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