[Taxacom] Phylocriminetics

Richard Pyle deepreef at bishopmuseum.org
Wed Dec 29 16:25:32 CST 2010

> I think I'm glad that I think we agree.

I don't know if this was directed at Stephen, or me (you had replied to my

If it was directed at me, then I suspect that we probably do...but I also
suspect that we are talking about somewhat different things.  In the context
of my concept of "discovering and documenting biodiversity", terms like
"paraphyly", "apophyletic", and such are irrelevant.  "Macroevolution" is
relevant, however, as it establishes a unit of biodiversity that we wish to
discover and document. Names of organisms would also be mostly irrelevant,
except that they have proven over the past quarter-millennium to be
extremely useful labels for categorizing the units we wish to discover and
document (i.e., they're very effective at labeling what we've already
discovered and documented).


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