[Taxacom] early extant angiosperms

Steve Manning sdmanning at asub.edu
Sat Feb 20 15:22:31 CST 2010

I would vote for "early-divergent angiosperms" to avoid the 
suggestion that they are close enough together to be a "single" group 
giving rise to monocots and all other dicots or all other angiosperms.


At 09:12 PM 2/19/2010, Kenneth Kinman wrote:
>Dear All,
>         I've been reading some recent papers on early angiosperms
>(especially their floral evolution).  There is frequent (but informal)
>reference to what I formally refer to as Class Magnoliopsida (basal
>dicots).  Some workers tend to refer to this paraphyletic group as
>"early-divergent extant angiosperms", while other (like Endress) seem to
>prefer calling them "basal angiosperms".  But not surprisingly they are
>not inclined to attach a formal taxon to this paraphyletic grouping, no
>matter how important and useful they obviously find it.
>        Anyway, I'm quite happy to continue formally recognizing this
>group as Class Magnoliopsida, but I wonder which of the common names
>would be preferable.  We are all referring to extant forms, so I don't
>feel a great need to include that particular detail, but otherwise,
>which of the follow three would be preferable as a common name of my
>Class Magnoliopsida: (1) basal dicots; (2) basal angiosperms; or (3)
>early-divergent angiosperms.  Here is the relevant part of my 2009
>classification as a reference:
>   1 Class Magnoliopsida%% (basal dicots)
>             1 Amborellales
>             2 Hydatellales (incl. Archaefructaceae)
>               B Nymphaeales
>             3 Austrobaileyales
>             4 {{Liliopsida}} (= monocots)
>             B Ceratophyllales
>             C {{Rosopsida}} (= eudicots)
>             5 Chloranthales
>             6 Piperales
>             B Canellales
>             7 Laurales
>             8 Magnoliales
>_a_ Class Liliopsida (monocots)
>_b_ Class Rosopsida (eudicots)
>       --------Ken Kinman
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