[Taxacom] FW: Do rogue taxonomists need rogue publishers?

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This exchange is rebarbative.

re·bar·ba·tive (ri bär′bə tiv)
repellent, unattractive, forbidding, grim, etc.
Etymology: Fr rébarbatif < MFr < (se) rebarber, to resist, earlier to face (the enemy), lit., to face beard-to-beard < barbe, beard < L barba

I imagine two bearded savants arguing unprettily.

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Stephen Thorpe wrote:
> No, I have no accusation to make against you. I don't know you. I was just stating the fact that someone (who almost certainly would not want to be named) wrote to me this morning with "criticisms" relating specifically to obstruction by you and your group on other people who are trying to publish in your area. Perhaps they are maliciously making up false accusations - I don't know, but it does rather caste a shadow of doubt over what you are saying, so I thought it relevant to mention. If it isn't true, then you have got nothing to worry about ...

The problem with mud is that it sticks. Particularly when the accusation 
cannot be refuted due to lack of specifics or without the identity of 
the accuser being known.

The only "obstruction... on other people trying to publish in my area" 
that I will happily plead guilty to is pointing out to the editors of 
certain hobbyist magazines that publishing one particular author's 
personally libellous statements against me might have legal consequences.

> PS: I don't hide behind smokescreens - I simply report the facts, and as for Taxacom "supposed to be a professional list", I don't see any restrictions on membership, but perhaps you would like to impose some ... :)

The term "professional" relates to the standard of conduct one would 
expect to see here. I have no problem with strong and vocal 
disagreement. However, spreading unspecific and nebulous (and therefore 
virtually unanswerable) accusations from anonymous sources falls short 
of  a professional standard, IMHO.


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