[Taxacom] Offtopic Re: FW: Do rogue taxonomists need rogue publishers?

Geoff Read gread at actrix.gen.nz
Mon Feb 1 23:57:02 CST 2010

Since bullying has been mentioned...

How do I recognise an [online] bully?
- when called to account, immediately and aggressively denies everything,
then counter-attacks with distorted or fabricated criticisms and
allegations; if this is insufficient, quickly feigns victimhood, often by
bursting into tears (the purpose is to avoid answering the question and
thus evade accountability by manipulating others through the use of

A quote from a site on workplace bullying, but it seemed close to what
happened in this thread today. Along with other strange comments,
unethical behaviour, and evidence of interpersonal conflict. All of which
I didn't need to know about. Not for the first time either.

Tomorrow let's try to revert to something upliftingly positively taxonomic
to talk about, eh?


Geoffrey B. Read, Ph.D.
Wellington, NEW ZEALAND
gread at actrix.gen.nz

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