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The weevil is in the same group as Homalinotus (Curculionidae:
Molytinae: Cholini: Cholina) but belongs to the genus Odontoderes.  I'm
pretty sure it is O. morbillosus (Drury), although it is always tricky
from an image, and the species is very similar to O. spinicollis
(Boheman).  O. spinicollis is recorded from Bolivia, O. morbillosus not,
as far as I know (Wibmer & O'Brien, 1986).  

A review of Odontoderes was produced by Vaurie, 1974, American Museum
Novitates 2542 (available at http://hdl.handle.net/2246/2744). 


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Anybody has an idea of what genus (or even species) of weevil this is? I
found it in a palm inflorescence in Bolivia (lower Madidi river region).
It was pretty big. I would greatly appreciate any kind of ID, so I can
include this in an article I am writing up.





Thomas Couvreur



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