[Taxacom] Endemic family (family, subfamily, tribe) in N. Caucasus?

Robin Leech releech at telus.net
Fri Feb 5 11:01:56 CST 2010

Fellow Taxacomers,

On behalf of Yuri Marusik, I pose the following 2 questions:

Does anyone know of an endemic (=precinctive) family group 
(family, subfamily, tribe) of amaurobioid spiders in the Caucasus, 
particularly the North Caucasus?  

He has specimens from Krasnodar Province that do not readily 
fit into any of the amaurobioid families.  Suggestions are to create 
a new family, but on his part, there is preference for a subfamily in 

The range of the new genus and species is rather small. 

The second question is this: Does anyone know if similar cases 
of endemism occuring in high-rank taxa for other groups of animals 
or plants from this region?


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