[Taxacom] Zootaxa papers now in BioStor

Roderic Page r.page at bio.gla.ac.uk
Sat Feb 6 06:29:19 CST 2010

I've started to expand the coverage of BioStor (http://biostor.org/ )  
to include articles outside BHL. The first journal to be added is  
Zootaxa, for which you can find individual papers listed here: http://biostor.org/issn/1175-5326

At present BioStor simply displays the bibliographic metadata for each  
article, and the abstract PDF. You can also get lists of papers for  
each author, together with coauthorship graphs (e.g., http://biostor.org/author/14726 
  ). The next step is to extract additional information from the Open  
Access PDFs, such as taxonomic names, and localities. I hope to make  
progress on this in the coming weeks.

There are several reasons for going beyond BHL content. Firstly, I  
want to start adding citation relationships (i.e., this paper has been  
cited by these papers), and this means including non-BHL content. I'm  
also keen to link BioStor content to nomenclators, such as ZooBank,  
and since ZooBank has lots of publications that aren't in BHL it seems  
sensible to add these. Lastly, I'd like to apply the tools for editing  
metadata and visualising author relationships to papers outside those  
scanned by BHL.

For some examples of Zootaxa papers and authors, try:





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