[Taxacom] Zootaxa papers now in BioStor

David Wagner davidwagner at mac.com
Sat Feb 6 17:22:32 CST 2010


Why are you putting energy into Wikispecies instead of EOL  
(encyclopedia of life) or GBIF (global biodiversity information  
facility) or any of a number of other ambitious, database web sites?

I am confounded by all these global programs which seem to me to be  
overlapping, hugely duplicative efforts. I can't help but think there  
is a lot of resources being wasted here that could be better directed  
towards immediate, concrete conservation needs.

There many sites of a more restricted, regional focus, too. I've  
refused to contribute to most of them, despite numerous invitations,   
because I am wearied by the thought of pounding sand down the wrong  
rat hole.

And, I'm surprised at the expectation of many that I should offer for  
free, without royalties or tight copyright retention, unfunded  
independent work that I should be compensated for.

Your insights?

Is this appropriate for another thread? I'm new to taxacom and maybe  
have missed these kinds of discussions.


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On Feb 6, 2010, at 2:43 PM, Stephen Thorpe wrote:

>  on Wikispecies I am placing Zootaxa papers

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