[Taxacom] Do rogue taxonomists need rogue publishers?

Stephen Thorpe s.thorpe at auckland.ac.nz
Mon Feb 8 17:14:37 CST 2010

The worrying thing is that this guy (T.H.) really did get a PhD, as far as I know! Perhaps EOL would like to hire him, based on his credentials, to be one of their "vetters"?!
Truth is that he is just an unpleasant person, but there are some of that species employed as professional taxonomists also - they may be a bit more "subtle", whereas T.H. doesn't pretend to be anything he isn't - perhaps this is to his credit, relatively speaking?!
BTW Bob, could you forward to me the PDF please, so I can add the details to Wikispecies, where I have flagged Makhan as "controversial"?


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I've just received a PDF preprint on a new millipede species authored by the non-specialist Dew Makhan. It came from the publisher with the message below, which I quote in its entirety. Maybe ICZN should consider a journal blacklist as well as a whitelist?

"dear sir
hope this one gives you the shits you arrogant turd
dr tjhawkeswood

[Hyleoglomeris.pdf  application/pdf (372.0KB)]

ps this is draft and will be fully edited soon"

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