[Taxacom] e-only from Do rogue taxonomists need rogue publishers?

Dr. David Campbell amblema at bama.ua.edu
Tue Feb 9 13:18:01 CST 2010

> The *idea* is to allow names published in e-only *journals* to be 
> taxonomically valid. The idea is NOT to validate names appearing in 
> any electronic document anywhere.
> No one (outside of the proverbial rogues) would support or promote a
> proposal that made the latter possible.

No, but someone might pass a rule that turned out to validate names 
appearing anywhere, or at least in more places than intended.  

Genbank provides a good example of well-supported electronic archiving, 
though resistant to correction of identifications.  However, it has 
massive government support.  Even prominent publishing firms haven't 
always done a good job of maintaining electronic journal archives, 
especially for the "online only" stuff.  

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