[Taxacom] e-only from Do rogue taxonomists need rogue publishers?

Geoff Read gread at actrix.gen.nz
Tue Feb 9 15:25:28 CST 2010

If you can be bothered - this time with a subject line (Yes, I read
somewhere and compose somewhere else).  Sorry.


I cannot see that proposed article 8.5 "Works issued and distributed
electronically" makes any restriction to journal only publishing.

On Pat LaFollette's "no form of electronic record is accepted as permanent
by governments".
Here in New Zealand all land ownership transactions and
registrations are electronic only. It's enforced in statute. You can't get
much more long‑term legally or more serious than matters of property
ownership. Boy, are we in trouble if the e‑archives (hopefully
ever fall over. But everyone has printouts so that's alright then.


PS - any control on validity of e-names that requires post hoc
intervention or decision making by ICZN commission ain't going to work. 
They wouldn't cope with the workload would they? Can they now? It's got to
be obvious upfront what is accepted as ICZN compliant.

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